4 Reasons to Use Shock Absorbing Casters

Not all carts are created equal. The caster system used can differentiate what each cart can be used for and where it can be employed. Standard casters are noisier and give no protection to sensitive items being moved. Below are four ways that spring loaded casters provide the protection you need to expand the usefulness of your carts.

Reduce Noise In Quieter Environments

Hallways of office buildings, schools, hospitals, clinics, and libraries are all expected to be quiet zones. Having to move items around using squeaky, hard casters and wheels make it hard to motivate undetected. It can prove distracting to work, study, or annoying to patients. Shock absorbing casters allow for a smoother, quieter operation of your carts.

Protect Sensitive Electronic Equipment When Moved

Some types of electronic equipment are so sensitive that being jostled around when moving can render them useless or defective. Adding spring loaded casters is an easy way to maintain mobility with your equipment, yet not worry about accidental damage from vibration and unnecessary movement.

Create Mobile Capabilities for Printers

Printers, scanners, and fax machines are another form of an electronic item that becomes non-functioning with too much movement. You can add light shock support that is able to offer the protection this equipment needs when moving it around an office environment. It’s safer than trying to manually move your printing equipment.

Safely Move Heavier Items

Attempting to move heavy items on a standard cart can be dangerous. Small grooves in the floor can cause enough disturbance that it throws the item off-balance. Spring loaded casters will help absorb the shock as the wheels roll, providing a safer, smoother glide. You can move heavy items with ease and less worry about injuries to employees.

The casters you have placed on carts and equipment racks make a huge difference in the types of items you can move without risk of damage or creating unwanted noise. A shock absorbing caster system will provide you with excellent stability and performance.