5 Fantastic Corporate Gifting Ideas

Corporate gifting is a part of company culture. Yes, it is customary for professional business organizations to gift partners, business associates and colleagues during their company anniversaries, financial year-endings and other company events. So companies have to choose unique and distinctive corporate gifts each year to make their corporate gifting stand out from the rest. Here are some fabulous corporate gifting ideas that your company can adopt this year.

Fantastic corporate gifting ideas

  1. Stationery supplies

Office work requires the use of stationery compulsorily. Your business associates, clients or colleagues will definitely need pens, notepads or desk organizers to execute their deskwork. Gifting stationery supplies is definitely a brilliant idea as these items will be instantly used at office. Secondly, the cost of production of these office stationery supplies is also very low and hence they can be ordered in bulk. The other advantage of using stationery supplies for corporate gifting is their range and variety. Yes, stationery supplies are available from a few rupees to even thousands! So you can choose items to suit your client profile. The other added advantage of stationery items for corporate gifting is that they can be easily personalized and branded with your company credentials.

The stationery items and supplies that you can offer for corporate gifting are pens, Kraft pads, diaries, notebooks, calendars and desk organizers.

  1. Bags

Bags make excellent corporate gifts. Multifunctional and modern, bags come in different varieties- tote bags, carry bags etc. to suit your purpose and price. The main advantage of bags is their usefulness. Office-goers are ever in need of bags for carrying files, lunches or even their shopping items. The second most salient feature is the wide surface area of the bag that suits your branding purpose. You can brand your company credential on both the front and back surfaces for ample visibility. Thirdly, they are economical and fit your budget. They also add value to your corporate gifting. Lastly, bags can be made of eco-friendly materials like paper, cloth, jute, canvas etc. So gifting bags becomes a part of your CSR (corporate social responsibility) and enhances your company’s status.

The bags that you can offer for corporate gifting are paper bags, tote bags etc.

  1. Lifestyle products

The third variety of items you can offer as corporate gifts are lifestyle products- tea or coffee mugs, coasters, key chains, fridge magnets etc. All these can be branded and personalized to suit your taste. These items are widely preferred by clients, customers and employees as they are purposeful, attractive and used daily.

You can choose colorful mugs of different varieties- metal mugs, photo coffee mugs, self-stirring mugs etc. for your gifting purpose. Coasters also make attractive gifting options as they can be used at both office and home. Such items are popular as they have an elite look and an elegant design. Get them branded from an expert provider and watch your clients or employees beam with pleasure as they receive this gift.

  1. Apparels

Gifting T-shirts is another option you can think of. T-shirts make excellent corporate gifts as they carry your branded message and create wide visibility. They also bear the Company identity and create a sense of belonging and pride among your employees. T-shirts come in various colors and are easy to brand with your company credentials. They are also economical when ordered in bulk. They are also preferred because they do with gender distinction as both men and women wear them.

  1.    Trophies

Trophies make ideal gifts for employees or clients as they infuse the feeling of pride in them. Trophies are a symbol of reward and recognition and are hence preserved carefully by those who receive them. They also induce a sense of loyalty among the people who receive them.

Choose corporate gift items wisely form the above 5 fabulous options and get them personalized from your provide to get the desired results.