Complete Guide to Harry Potter Studio London 2019

Harry Porter was written by J.K. Rowling and everybody across the world has seen the Harry Porter movies. From kids to adults, all age group people have enjoyed watching these movies. Harry Porter studio in London at Warner Bros. has treasured all items of Hogwarts University.  When you plan to visit the studio, don’t think of adding another thing to your schedule because your entire time would be spent in this awesome place. It is a huge studio and with fascinating and exciting things happening around, you just don’t feel like leaving the place.

Here are few tips that can help you in your visit –

  1. Buy your ticket beforehand

The Harry Porter Studio is the biggest attraction in London so you can assume the tickets to be sold out during season. Hence, it is wise to buy your ticket online beforehand either from the official website or through any third-party website like TripIndicator which is authorized and provides all information on packages. There are events and special attractions every month, which means you need to ensure that you visit at that point of time.

Once you book your ticket online, get a printout of the ticket to be on safer side. Reach your destination and get your ticket from the kiosk machine. The kiosk machine is pretty easy and convenient to use. Keep plenty time in your hand so schedule your ticket accordingly. There are many things to look into and you may spend more than 5 to 6 hours inside. Hence, if you have time, then you don’t need to rush.


Although the studio is located outside London city, yet there are various means of transport to take you comfortably. Youngsters generally prefer renting a bike or a car which is convenient as they don’t have to abide by any rules. However, the best means of transport is train. Railways help you avoid traffic and reach the destination on time.

There are two types of trains, first is the express train which will take 20 minutes from London Euston station to reach the Watford Junction and the other is the usual local train that takes around an hour. Tickets for both are available at the railway counter or online. Buying your ticket online in advance saves time. You can take the printout to the station and get your ticket from the kiosk machine.

Once you reach Watford Junction, you’ll find Tour Shuttle from Warner Bros. waiting outside the station. These buses run in every 20 minutes from the station. They take cash and you can reserve a round trip from station to studio. In case there isn’t any bus waiting outside, you still need to show patience because anytime soon they will be reaching you.

2. At the Studio

Once you reach the studio for security purposes, you’ll have to pass through the checking point. After entering the studio you’ll have to wait patiently in the queue for the tour to start. Although there are many eating points, but it is wise to carry your own snack to save money which you can spend on goodies. However, you cannot eat while walking there is a sitting area or a lunchroom specifically for this purpose.

3. Inside the Studio

You will first be escorted to the theatre where you’ll watch a small film on Hogwarts and then you’ll be asked to move to another room. This is how your journey or trip starts in the studio. Look at every detail, items and read all history and description mentioned. Since you’ve spent a lot of money make sure to not miss anything. Although there are many staffs and guides to help you with minute details, you will surely not need any help because it is all well explained.

Take as many pictures as you can to make your memory beautiful. Carry cash and cards as well, you may never know when you would need it. Experience even small videos and movies and don’t miss on anything. You will surely get mesmerized with the ambience. To know more info related to the studio and book tickets, you can click on this link –