How to Create the Cosiest Pub in Town

A pub is not a business which can fit in every available space. At times, the most extraordinary properties including old shops in downtown locations can turn out to be the best for running a pub. Similarly, properties which might appear to be the best location for pub business might turn out to be unpleasant in the end. It can get tricky for you to establish the right property where your dream pub can be nurtured into reality. Enjoy a hassle-free search for commercial properties for sale on PropList. Below, we take a look at how you can create the cosiest pub in town.

Security of the Neighbourhood

Properties in locations where there are low crime rates have a high potential for business. Customers are wary of their safety and will shun businesses which are located in areas where they feel that they can easily be targeted by muggers and burglars. Most customers more so, pub patrons prefer to hang out in pubs which are located in old and established properties compared to new properties coming up in budding settlements. Such properties make an ideal location for pub business due to the community support from long-time residents.

Safety of Patrons

The first step in choosing an ideal location to start a pub business is to establish if the property complies with the building code. A compliant building has to have fire alarms, be accessible to people with physical challenges, and be fitted with sprinkler systems, to be certified as safe for occupation. Pub patrons are also concerned about the availability of safe parking space for their vehicles.

Proximity to Supporting Businesses

When evaluating the suitability of commercial properties for sale, which you can find on PropList, it is advisable to consider proximity to other related businesses. Your pub’s performance greatly relies on other supporting businesses including banks, restaurants, and shopping malls. Successful business locations attract diverse business establishments.

Invest in a POS System

You also require investing in an electronic Point of Sale (POS) system to help with order and transaction tracking. The system is vital in promoting cooperation among various staff in your pub including the waitresses, bartenders, and the kitchen department. This is particularly important during the high season or busy nights. Further, POS helps you to better manage your pub by providing you with a breakdown of how much each employee has sold. Such information is critical for employee appraisal and personal development. It is best to first research on the best POS system for your business needs before making a purchase.

Hire the Right Staff

The attractiveness of property and investment in technology is not enough for you to create a cosy pub. You must complement the two with hiring the right staff to ensure patrons receive the best customer service. Put in place stringent measures to screen out potential employees who are not customer-centric. The bar industry has a very high turnover rate, which can be avoided during the recruitment stage. Additionally, good employees can be retained through the use of bonuses, pay raises, promotions, and a good working environment.