How to Encourage Your Kids to Do Better and Be More Attentive in School

Remember when you used to dread the days that your teachers sent home progress reports with your grades and comments on your behavior? Ugh—those were the worst. But now your kids are on the receiving end, and as their parents, you’re responsible for ensuring that they do well and are attentive in school.

Easier said than done? Here are tips to encouraging your kiddos to pay attention in class.

Establish a Rewards System at Home for Good Grades and Positive Progress Reports

This method of encouragement is especially helpful for younger children because it teaches them the value of reward and consequence. When they fail to do as you ask, they get timeouts, their privileges taken away, and grounded from doing fun activities. Whereas, a rewards system will give them incentive to keep their grades up and their minds focused.

Create a Safe, Positive Environment for Homework

You work better with minimum distractions, right? The same is true for kids. So, when it comes to homework, help them keep a keen focus with an office or work area designated for their after-school must-dos. Include a desk, comfortable chair, and maybe a computer with limited internet access for essays and school-related research. You could even invest in digital dictation equipment to make it easier for students to take notes and replay them at home via a recorder.

Limit Screen Time and Video Games Until the Weekends

If your kids surf the interwebs or hop on the Xbox as soon as they get home, put a stop to that on the weekdays. This will give them something to work for and look forward to on the weekends. Saturdays and Sundays can be limitless for screen time, but the weekdays should be designated for school-related responsibilities.

Nourish Them with Healthy Habits, like Good Foods and Regular Exercise

Sometimes children are inattentive or misbehaved in school because of excess energy, not enough sleep, or too many stressors. Make sure you nourish and nurture your child with healthy habits, like good, wholesome, balanced meals, regular outdoor exercise, excellent communication, plenty of water, and a positive home environment. Good health can have a mega impact on their attention and focus.