Life has changed quite a bit in the past several years

Life has changed quite a bit (to say the least) in the past several years, since the Internet and the digital revolution arrived. Since people are now able to communicate via computers and cell phones, much of the way we interacted and communicated in the past has changed. Due to this, some people have significantly changed their lifestyle, becoming more fluid in the way they live and work.

Today, many people are staying “loose” as far as where they choose to reside, and how permanent they want their arrangements to be. Much of this is possible due to the way that accounts can be accessed from a cell phone, so lodgings via sites like Air BNB can be arranged on the go, for people who travel for work. Some people who travel constantly are even forgoing the thought of having a permanent residence (at least temporarily), and allowing themselves to go from city to city, staying in temporary lodgings on the fly and keeping their belongings in storage at their “home base” city. Having a mailbox in New York (for those who call that city home) via a mailbox postal center is another way to stay up with current business while also having a fluid lifestyle.

Using Modern Resources Effectively

There’s no question that having a “fluid” lifestyle is not for everyone, but it’s interesting to see how this kind of lifestyle can indeed be managed for those who don’t want to feel tied down by high rents, especially on an apartment they don’t use very often. Yes, the digital world has changed our lifestyles in many ways, and it’s interesting to see how far these changes are reaching, even all the way into changing our need for a regular place to come home to.