Necessities for Your Next Move

Moving isn’t anyone’s favorite activity. While it might be fun getting into your new place, the actual process of getting from point A to point B is tiring and sometimes frustrating.  For your next move, whether moving yourself or hiring movers, make sure you have these essential resources locked down.

Moving Supplies

Whether you’re making a small move across town or a major move across the country, you need some essential moving supplies. Boxes, tape and moving pads are extremely important. You’ll likely need dozens of small and medium boxes for things like books, knickknacks and small decorations. You’ll need a few wardrobe boxes for clothing. You’ll also likely need boxes for packing your dishes. As you plan your move, reach out to a local company to help you with moving supplies in St. Louis, MO.

Expert Packers

Next up is manpower. Packing takes a lot of effort and is very time-consuming. If you’re the organized type, this might be right up your alley. If not, recruit some friends to help you. At worst, hire a moving company that can assist with packing. Finding the right people to assist with this phase of your move will save you some time and make the day of unpacking that much easier.

Capable Movers

Last up is finding helpers for the actual move itself. This phase of the move is all grunt-work. Picking up boxes and loading them on the truck. Picking up furniture and loading it on the truck. Picking up exercise equipment and loading it on the truck. A lot of picking up and loading. Recruit some friends that don’t mind breaking a sweat. If your friends aren’t interested in helping you move, contact a local mover who can assist.

When you’re ready for your next move, these three tips should help you ensure you have everything you need.