Planning and Designing Airports

Airport systems planning and design provide expertise to global clients from large international to regional and private airports. The talents and capacities of recognized aviation experts enable a wide range of services and master planning that are available for airport and airfield development, expanding the capacity, improving transport connectivity, and upgrading aging infrastructure and facilities.

Full services include design, layout, engineering and construction of new or rehabilitating existing taxiways, runways, helipads, and aprons, and ensuring that all the details of the design are carried out on-site and that upgrades integrate with the airport’s terminals, hangars, and aprons.

Consultancy services include:
* Developing innovative design concepts to realize the customer’s vision
* Adhere to the controls of governing statutory regulations
* How to implement QEHS best practices and engineering options in order to secure cost savings
* Developing staff knowledge and skills towards continuing quality management

Airfield design includes many services, some of which are the following:
* Horizontal, vertical, and geometrical design and layout
* Design certification
* Airfield contouring and 3-D grading
* Design, project technical specifications, and engineering of pavement and its markings, landscaping, lighting, electrical systems, drainage system, navigational aids
* Detailed estimation of costs
* Preparation of necessary documents
* Supervision and management of construction

Airport clients include airport operators, airlines, air terminal companies, contractors, ground handlers, governmental and city aviation administrations, public works departments, and naval stations.

Airport Engineering Services (AES) is an example of a professional and complete airport planning, consulting, designing, engineering, construction supervision, and maintenance firm that brings their full services under one roof. They provide viable and complete solutions and quality products and conduct business with integrity and excellence through compliance with national and international Standards in Design and Operation as they strive towards complete customer satisfaction as they achieve project success with timely delivery. They also employ the best safety, health and environmental practices.