Sky ECC Security is advantageous to all

Owning and using a smartphone has become more of a necessity today. Practically every person in the world has access to smartphones. The easy availability of the internet and the convenience of using the smartphone have led to people using the same for their business purposes. People complete financial transactions using their mobile phones. These transactions involve sharing of vital information such as bank account details, passwords, and much other confidential information. This information is subject to theft. The existing security systems are woefully short in protecting this data theft. You need Sky ECC security to combat this menace of hackers. Let us see some of the benefits of this security feature and compare them with the existing ones.

  • Complete encryption: One has to admit that the present day PGP security system does encrypt the messages before sending them across to the recipients. However, there are a few shortcomings. The PGP system does not encrypt the message header and the information about the sender or the recipient. A smart hacker can intercept this information and extract the contents of the message using the available information and technology available. The new SkyECC security system ensures that it encrypts the entire data including the message header and the information regarding the sender and the receiver. In this way, the hacker becomes clueless. It is a significant advantage of the Sky ECC system.
  • Encrypts communications with servers: The existing PGP system encrypts the messages between recipients but does not encrypt the interaction between the phone and the intermediate servers. Hence, the signal remains open. An unscrupulous service provider does have access to the messages and might pass on the information to a hacker for him to take over and create havoc. The SkyECC system ensures the encryption of these messages as well. Hence, they plug every loophole of the existing PGP systems.
  • Immune to brute attacks: hackers have the option to use brute force to gain access to the legacy PGP and inferior app systems. Sky ECC is impervious to Brute Force data recovery techniques. SkyECC secures devices at the root level and secures the container level. There are three different layers of encryption. Forcing your way through them is impossible.
  • 100% privacy: The best aspect of the SkyECC security is that you randomly generate your own encryption keys. In legacy PGP and inferior app systems, the service providers issue client encryption keys. Therefore, the Sky ECC system obviates the necessity of a third party presence at any stage. It makes your system 100% secure as no one other than you will be able to have access to the systems.
  • Encryption of contact list: The SkyECC system ensures that it encrypts every data on the phone. No one can see your contact list without your permission. This facility is not available in the other systems.
  • Encrypts photos: Current PGP and inferior app systems encrypt the text messages while leaving other methods of communication such as voice notes and pictures vulnerable, or simply do not offer the service. SkyECC encrypts any and all communication.

There are other security measures such as duress passwords, remote security and others. We shall discuss them later.