The Liquor Permit Process in Texas

Obtaining a liquor license in Dallas or any other city in Texas is no small feat. There is a massive amount of paperwork that must be filed and the paperwork can be very tricky to get through. All of this takes time to do properly, with the added difficulty that the laws regarding these licenses are different for each city in Texas. Yes, it’s complicated, but it all must be done. Why Serve Alcohol? Alcohol can be a tricky thing. It is a very pleasing “social lubricant” that helps people relax, and of course there is a whole culture built around wine tasting and the enjoyment of gourmet pub beer. Too much alcohol can be problematic, however, which is why the sale of alcohol is closely monitored and why anyone who wishes to serve in their place of business must go through the licensing process. Businesses that do serve alcohol must be very responsible about who they serve to, to ensure that no minors are provided with alcohol and that no one who is visibly intoxicated is served. Having a license ensures that the business serving will take careful measures to ensure that they are dealing with alcohol responsibly at their establishment. Though this is all a lot for a company to go through, the fact is that cafes that add alcohol to their menu can see a significant increase in their company’s profit margin. The markup on alcohol is high, and serving a drink is much easier as far as time and preparation goes than creating a meal. Given the time and attention it takes to get a TABC permit, many business owners make the decision to hire outside experts to do the permitting for them. There are consulting firms in Texas that specialize in getting permits, and since they understand the process, they are able to get the paperwork through much more easily than someone without their expertise. So, while hiring a liquor law consultant in Houston does cost, the time that is saved can be well worth the expense for a busy business owner.