Is your communication skill passing?

After three days, you have a date with the person you like, and you intend to confess at that time. What do you do ahead of time?

  1. Prepare the words to be spoken first.
  2. First buy a gift.
  3. Call a few more times to chat.
  4. Inquire about some of her private affairs.
  5. Do nothing.

Test results:

  1. You are a bit embarrassed, everything must be prepared in advance, and so are you in interpersonal relationships. Even for simple contacts, you should be prepared in advance, taking into account all possible situations.
  2. You are a person who is good at understanding others. In terms of interpersonal relationships, you pay attention to your heart and believe in treating others with sincerity. But you have to remember that society is very complicated.
  3. Your suspicion is too heavy, so you can’t do any personal relationships.
  4. You lack stable energy. You are a good brain in life and always seek to change. It’s hard to be understood by others, and your thoughts are always different. Few things you like are liked. Although many people admire your talents and minds, your life is quite unstable and always makes you feel uncomfortable. You have to learn to adapt to this world.

You are temperate in communication. Because of your temperament, it is difficult for you to listen to the opinions of others. Such a personality will make you suffer a lot in your interactions. Therefore, you can no longer do things by your own willing.