Tools that Will Help You Build a Good Sharepoint Dashboard

Microsoft Sharepoint normally comes with many things in its box, but people say that the actual strength of a software product is contained in the ecosystem that surrounds it. Therefore, Sharepoint is not an exemption, it has high-quality products which are available from both the third party service providers and Microsoft itself to enhance SharePoint and to address most of its shortcomings.

If you have been considering creating beautiful charts with plenty of whistles and bells, then you will be surprised when you will realize that it is simple and doable.  To do it you need to consider using a charting tool that does not come when it is already prepacked with SharePoint. This article lists down the tools that will make you see the task done and make you look like a professional in this field.

  • Power BI: This is the newest service in the Microsoft field. Its role is to support hybrid architecture when connecting with clouding and also to the premise data sources. Power BI is capable to display data in an immersive way by use of an interactive user interface. It also simplifies the complex data by use of dataset in order to represent it inform of dashboard and report. There are different features that are available in Power BI which drills down the dashboard and data charts. Power BI services and tools are now available for mobile, cloud and desktop.
  • Google chart website part: This is a powerful, free chart that is normally developed by Google. It is used to generate reports from the lists of a SharePoint. It offers you the capability to create various types of charts using SharePoint What you need to do is to plug the old HTML5 code for you to display a chart graph.
  • Bamboo charts: According to Qipoint management, this tool assists you in configuring the settings so that you can drill information if necessary. It also allows you to export information and reports in different formats such as PDF. Bamboo which is a web chart enables you to integrate and develop custom code while extending the functionality by performing a configuration at the customer’s end.
  • Collabion charts: This is a tool that was introduced by It allows you to create an excellent dashboard from the data list of the SharePoint. This allows the audience to configure information and data from various external data sources. It is capable to show aggregated information. This web chart can assist you in creating various interactive chart’s features such as zooming and tooltip. It works well with all SharePoint versions.
  • IDashboards: it gives data and information visualization software which is a self-service Idashboards is reliable, user-friendly and it is not expensive. It helps you in creating interactive dashboards. They do this by consuming information and data from the various data sources and from SharePoint lists.

In conclusion, there are more tools found in the market today that can integrate data with complex and advanced features.  It is therefore advisable to choose the one that is based on your feature requirements.